Necklaces, pendants and chokers


Necklaces, pendants and chokers of modern and handmade design. Unique pieces made by hand with precious metals and various coloring processes.


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Colgante G2 Plata y Oro

Future Flow S&G

Modern pendant made with Sterling Silver and 18K Gold. Limited series.

Price €290.00
Peine silver and gold...

Peine silver and gold...

Pendant made with sterling silver and copper patina with 18-karat gold details and stainless steel chain covered with nylon. Unique piece.

Price €182.00

Stylish Tube Set

Modern jewelry set made of anodized aluminum and sterling silver. Slim tube earrings and necklace that combines colored aluminum tubes with silver balls and chain. BENE'S.

Price €83.00
Collar Perlas y Bronce patinado

Gnome pendant

Patinated bronze pendant handmade with organically grown pearls.

Price €120.00